Digiterre’s Communica platform delivers a smart, centralized marketing and regulatory compliance solution across multiple functions for a global asset manager


Martin Currie is a specialist equity investment firm with a global portfolio of clients and funds to support and manage. Their presence in multiple geographies, time zones and regulatory jurisdictions required a sophisticated but intuitive platform to improve operational sales, marketing and regulatory compliance processes, share knowledge effectively between the C-suite and the various business functions and to enable better oversight and reporting.

Following a thorough RFP process, Martin Currie selected Digiterre’s Communica platform over and above other providers or an in-house solution. They were attracted by the potential to customise the platform around their specific needs and by the can-do-attitude of the Digiterre Communica team. The peace of mind that comes from working with an established financial services specialist and from adopting a proven platform was central to this decision-making. So too was the promise of an easy-to-use, Microsoft compatible solution that can be scaled-up to meet evolving business needs.

A partnership approach, thorough scoping of Martin Currie’s requirements, and a culture of mutual learning and openness ensured the right solution was delivered. High quality, on-going training and support ensure that Communica is now being used throughout the business. Adopted across the Compliance, Sales, Client Services, Marketing and C-Level functions, Communica has delivered greater consistency, improved collaboration and the levels of real-time oversight expected by Martin Currie’s Compliance and C-Level leadership teams.

The Challenges

With an international client base that spans institutional, wholesale and retail markets, Martin Currie’s staff is located across offices as far apart as New York, Edinburgh, London, Singapore and Melbourne.

This global footprint presented a challenge in terms of coordinating and supervising business operations. To be run effectively and compliantly, all members of the sales team needed to be able to see who has contacted whom, and to know when, where and how that communication had taken place.

Intensifying regulation and scrutiny in diverse jurisdictions requiring ever greater degrees of customer care and knowledge, mean that resilient data collection, monitoring and reporting tools are essential to delivering adequate levels of oversight and investor support.

To deliver optimal sales processes, knowledge sharing and oversight, the solution needed to be one that would be universally adopted. This could only be achieved if the client’s needs had been thoroughly scoped and clearly understood in advance.

The Solution

From the outset, the partnership approach established by the combined Martin Currie – Digiterre team, helped to establish a clear understanding of how the product was to be used to best effect which in turn helped to cement full buy-in from Martin Currie staff at every level. Thorough groundwork meant the project’s scope, objectives and timelines were clearly defined from the outset.

The result is a usable, workable solution. The customisable nature of the Communica platform means that new, mandatory compliance fields can be readily incorporated into the database, ensuring consistent adherence to the latest regulation as well as the client’s own stringent internal requirements.

It has been an open and honest partnership from the start; both organisations were culturally aligned and we invested significant time and effort to agree the project scope which ultimately led to a successful implementation. Both parties have learnt a great deal from each other which has been pivotal to the success of the system.” (Andy Sowerby / Executive Director, Head of Sales, Marketing and Client Service)

Martin Currie have been quite radical in providing their Compliance team with full access to Communica,  which allows them to gain real-time oversight of the Sales and Marketing teams’ activities in the context of the prevailing regulatory requirements and takes full advantage of Communica’s advanced monitoring and reporting functionality.

The “Opportunities” function supports real time insight into the status of new business development while the “What’s New” Wall provides a 360-degree visibility to all users. The levels of initial engagement with end-users, combined with initial and on-going training, have ensured widespread and enthusiastic take-up of the Communica platform across the entire business.

The Results

The Communica platform supports enhanced business performance thanks to the consistency of approach and improved communication now possible across the many business teams and time-zones within Martin Currie’s business universe.  Enriched, real-time management information ensures effective business oversight and compliance, without embroiling the Sales and Marketing teams in unnecessary data-gathering activities.

“It is used by all our Sales, Marketing and Client Services functions and our Compliance team – to enable  real-time oversight which ensures that what is communicated to investors and prospects is in line with the ever-evolving plethora of regulatory compliance legislation; by our Investment teams so they can monitor pipeline activity; and our C-Suite so they are fully connected with what we are doing at all times”. (Andy Sowerby / Executive Director, Head of Sales, Marketing and Client Service)

Digiterre Communica has also created some unexpected benefits for Martin Currie, including the ability to generate comprehensive reports suitable for board-level consumption and to monitor and measure Investment Consultant performance. Communica is an intuitive, customisable, scalable platform tailored to the needs of asset managers. The strength of the team behind it and their partnership approach delivered better-than-expected outcomes for both parties.

Why Digiterre Communica?

Communica is a Cloud platform built by Digiterre to offer robust, flexible tools designed specifically for those who need to attract, support or retain investors and to ensure that whatever information is sent to third parties, is in line with the regulatory and internal compliance requirements of the business. Communica encompasses automated marketing, document management, compliance CRM and management reporting functionality. For anybody with assets to manage and investors to on-board, Communica’s enterprise-class, market-leading software unlocks resources by automating essential front office processes and generates a wealth of business intelligence that helps senior managers know and grow their businesses. By centralising, categorising and analysing data on clients, investor trade flows, fees and rebates, Communica equips investment professionals with insight they can use to enhance service, identify new opportunities and comply with the latest regulatory requirements. Intuitive screens and customisable dashboards; full integration with Microsoft Outlook; real time mobile access; friendly, responsive support staff; and the ability to deploy it both on the Cloud or on premise if desired, make Communica quick to deploy, simple to use, easy to access on the move and highly scalable.

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