Galena Asset Management, part of the Trafigura Group, selects the Digiterre Communica platform

The Challenges

Galena Asset Management, is a subsidiary of the Trafigura Group, providing investors with a number of specialised alternative investment solutions – ranging from hedge funds, to private equity and credit.

Having a CRM system from a reliable provider offering top-end support is essential to Galena’s sales and marketing team who use CRM for a wide variety of tasks all of which contribute to the smooth running of day-to-day business. Tasks range from accessing previous communications with clients to extracting management reports for board meetings and compliance purposes. In 2013 Galena’s existing CRM system provider was acquired therefore raising questions about future support and feature releases.

Also, in an environment of ever increasing regulatory reporting in which detailed information needs to be processed more frequently, having a system that streamlines internal business processes as much as possible and saves time is crucial.

Why Digiterre?

During the selection process, Galena looked at a number of third party software providers and also considered the option of building a proprietary system.

“After looking at various options it was clear from the initial demo with Digiterre that they had all aspects covered for the requirements we had in a CRM product” said Galena. “Digiterre seems much more flexible and intuitive than other software”.

The user experience, ability to customise the system, as well as meaningful reporting for management were key areas. The fact that the solution was based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and had tight integration with other Microsoft applications was also an important consideration for Galena.

Galena opted for Digiterre’s secure cloud service powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This offers Galena a more comprehensive support model as Digiterre is responsible for the infrastructure to deliver the Software as a Service (SaaS) including making sure that all updates and upgrades are successfully completed, as well as providing the necessary speed and security to the users and firm.

When asked to sum up the experience of working with Digiterre so far Galena said “From sales to technical, the team at Digiterre have provided a high level of service, have successfully adapted Communica to meet our specific requirements and to bridge any functional differences between our prior CRM system and Communica”

Digiterre were able to successfully provide the technology, knowledge and expertise to ensure the smooth migration of companies, contacts and all related historical activities from Galena’s previous CRM to the new system.  The migration of data was handled quickly and efficiently, with thanks to a detailed project plan and skilled resources. The availability and accuracy of this key data means that the Digiterre software is regarded as one of the company’s most valuable information sources.”

Some Key Benefits

The flexible and customisable nature of the system will mean that the Galena team can produce reports quickly, whether it be a single view of investor data for client meetings or more comprehensive reporting metrics.

As data can be imported into the system from Galena’s Fund Administrator and mapped to correct underlying investor records using Communica Fund Flows, a view of current investor holdings will never be more than a few clicks away.

In addition various members of the team who are constantly on road trips around the globe will be able to quickly submit real-time updates into the CRM by simply replying to an email with their meeting reports.