Digiterre launch Communica Compliance Engine

Digiterre launch its new Compliance Engine software to provide support to managers, service providers, banks and other financial services organisations in managing all types of compliance processes and in particular multi-jurisdictional and regulatory compliance . The Engine is part of Digiterre’s Communica suite of products, but can also be integrated with other CRM systems.

The Compliance Engine will assist in addressing one of the key industry challenges associated with remaining compliant which is the capturing of client or investor-related data once, so that it can be used in multiple processes to cover multiple regulatory requirements and jurisdictions as and when required, be that for FATCA, KYC, AIFMD, MIFID II or any of the myriad of regulatory compliance initiatives around the globe.

The Communica Compliance Engine enables your organisation to specify and design your own regulatory compliance processes so you can capture all the required information per jurisdiction pertaining to potential and existing clients or investors. You can also re-use data captured as part of one process including documentation and use it to fulfil additional related processes, thereby saving time and data input errors.

“Actually it doesn’t matter where you are in the EU, where you are in the world, if you want to step foot in the EU, you have to understand the implications of AIFMD”
“The idea of the audit trail really becomes quite important. Because the regulators are going to start asking questions about when did you go marketing, who did you go marketing to, how did you go marketing and where in the curve of when did you tell us or when did you notify us of your marketing activities, so when did that take place. That becomes quite a key issue”

“That all comes back to the cost of getting it wrong. There’s the regulatory implications, there’s the cost implications, there’s the reputational impact”
Oliver Morris
Director, Advisory, KPMG Channel Islands Ltd

Ian Murrin, CEO at Digiterre said:
‘Our business and the clients that have been involved in its development are extremely excited about the launch of our Compliance Engine. We wanted to develop a product that directly addresses pain points for both buy-side and sell-side organisations and which will continue to be enhanced to meet future regulatory compliance challenges. We really feel we have done that. One of the most important aspects was to develop this in partnership with the industry so we are confident it will meet their needs. I would like to thank all our clients and staff involved in designing, developing and producing the Communica Compliance Engine.’

Digiterre saw a hugely successful Regulatory and Compliance Forum for Investment Managers at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair. There were excellent speakers from Brevan Howard and KPMG who gave a real insight into the compliance issues within the financial services industry, specifically as they relate to sales and marketing. The Digiterre CEO, Ian Murrin, set out our vision for providing solutions to the current regulatory challenges for Investment Managers.

Press Contact
Ellie Savage
Digiterre Ltd