Top 3 tips to maximise the use of your CRM

Top 3 tips to maximise the use of your CRM

Do you experience the pain of staff engagement with CRM?  

Digiterre recently held a webinar with our client, Martin Currie Investment Management Limited
and ProFundCom, which gave an insight in to how to maximise staff engagement with CRM in
your organisation.

Read our top tips here:

1) Getting Buy in from the business. Organisational buy in is key to ensure that the CRM
system is successful and widely used. Having a senior business sponsor who is totally on-board
and driving the project is an absolute must.

2) User Adoption. Not only is it important that each user completes training in order to navigate
their way around the system, they also need to understand the benefits of the system and how it
can make their lives easier (and contribute to organisational objectives). Martin Currie Investment
Management Limited believe it is important for them to reward their users for using the system
and creating targets to ensure they continue to use the system. This includes annual awards to
top users and teams.

3) Leveraging CRM. You can tailor the CRM system to specifically align with your overall business
processes. CRM systems can be easily customised to meet the specific business processes that you
operate, and so totally align with your overall strategic objectives.

Here at Digiterre we can help you to achieve your targets and align your work force with CRM.
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